Check out the new release Telugu movies that are streaming online

Very few entertainment industries have made a lasting impact, like Telugu cinema. Both classic and new Telugu movies have made an amazing impression on the minds of cinemagoers. 


Why should you watch Telugu hit movies? For one, they’re great! Here’s why.

1) They have a huge variety – dramas, comedies, romances, action films.

2) There are many different actors and actresses who will blow you away with their acting.

3) They’re hilarious, dramatic, romantic, or may have nail-biting suspense! 

4) Their songs are wonderful, and sometimes this means you’ll get to watch real dancing, complete with impressive steps, not just some wiggling around on the floor.


Let’s take a look at a few options worth viewing on Aha.


1 – First Day First Show

The comedy movie makes for a light-hearted watch. It has Srikanth Reddy, Sanchita Basu, and Vennela Kishore in the main cast. Directed by Vamshidhar Goud and Lakshminarayana Puttamchetty, the story revolves around a collegian who is a die-hard fan of Power Star Kalyan. Set in the 1990s, the movie revolves around the hero’s struggle to get tickets for Kalyan’s newest release.


2 – Alluri

This is a drama movie featuring a cop and his various journeys in his professional and personal life. Starring Sree Vishnu, Kayadu Lohar, and Tanikella Bharani, the film’s story revolves around a sincere police officer A Rama Raju that serves as the backdrop to motivate a trainee police officer. It encapsulates the personal and professional travails of Alluri Rama Raju and how he manages to trump them all.


3 – Bheemla Nayak

This is a clash between two giants of cinema – Pawan Kalyan and Rana Daggubatti. It shows what happens when an ex-army, wannabe politician comes face to face with an honest, sincere, upright cop. The top-notch performances from the lead actors make it an intriguing watch from start to end.


4 – Bhamakalapam

If you are in the mood to watch a well-made murder mystery, then you won’t be disappointed with Bhamakalapam. Starring Priyamani, John Vijay, and Sharanya Pradeep, the movie latches to the voyeuristic nature of a nosy neighbour Anupama, who may have witnessed a murder next door. How she protects herself from the murders and how the killer is apprehended make up the main story of the movie. 


Catch the movies only on Aha

Now you may be wondering where to get access to these movies. You won’t have to go far. These movies are streaming and trending on aha Movies – your premier Telugu OTT destination. 

Tips For Proper Party Planning and Preparation

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What are all the things that make his work different from that of others?

His movies Moviepass portray the real world in such a way that really inspires and motivates people no matter what part of the world you are living in. The way he portrays all the characters in the film is something that is very different from others and is really praised by all the critics. He is the co-founder of the Zash Global media and his productions are like no other. He is one of those who have the exact knowledge on how to turn media industries on their heads. There are so many people from all different parts of the world who have been following his work for many years and have written reviews on the internet as well. Over the years he has faced so many ups and downs and the best part of the stories is that every time he went down, he knew the way to comeback and he combacked with great hits one after the other every single time. There is a specific group of people who often call him lucky but the truth is that, it’s his hard work and the ability to bounce back even after falling down, is what helps him achieve what all he has had with him over the years. Sometimes it takes all life for people to achieve what he has achieved so early in his career. He is someone who has used the money that he got from film production in the correct way possible.

ted farnsworth moviepass

What are all the companies he is working under at the moment

He has built up so many companies like Moviepass over the years and that is the reason why he is a real inspiration for so many people not just in this country but people from all around the world. Each and every person who follows him, they also follow his work closely and he is someone who has been in the industry for the last 35 years. There are also people who have been following him for the last 35 years and his work means a lot more to all of them compared to all the people who have just started following his work. Some of his most popular works are from the past two to three years where he worked on movies like monsters and the men, a vigilante, escape plan and 10 minutes gone. There are  millions of people who have seen these movies already and there are so many who are watching them every single day.

Basic Decorations for a home Party

A gathering will regularly highlight food and drinks, and frequently music along with different types of games. One basic approach to add adornments to your gathering is to transform your food into part of your style. Embellish food with banners, names, and different clinchers. Likewise, ensure the levels of your food shift. For example, these fluctuated cupcake stands will handily attract your visitor’s eyes to the sweet table

Paper improvements:

This first stylistic theme is really simple; basically get a magazine theme for your party decorations. What’s more, take out certain pages with pictures you like at that point draw a X blueprint on every one of them and cut them. Out.

Paper make is an assortment of artworks utilizing paper or card as the essential imaginative mode for the formation of a few dimensional articles. Paper and card stock loan themselves to a wide scope of methods and can be collapsed, bended, twisted, cut, stuck, formed, sewed. Papermaking by hand is additionally a paper create

Balloon designs:

Inflatables’ are utilized for adorning birthday celebrations, weddings, corporate capacities, school occasions, and for other merry social events. The craftsmen who utilize the round inflatables to assemble are designated “stackers” and the specialists who use pencil inflatables to fabricate are classified “twisters.” Most generally connected with helium expand stylistic theme, all the more as of late inflatable decorators have been moving towards the making of air-filled inflatable embellishments because of the non-sustainable characteristic asset of helium restricted in supply. The most widely recognized kinds of inflatable style incorporate curves, segments, focal points, expand drops, figures, and inflatable flower bundles.

Gathering inflatables are generally made of a characteristic latex tapped from elastic trees, and can be loaded up with air, helium, water, or some other appropriate fluid or gas. The elastic’s flexibility makes the volume movable.

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Flower enhancement:

Flower enrichment, craft of masterminding living or dried plant material for decoration of the body or home or as a piece of public services, celebrations, and strict ceremonies.

Botanical plan or Flower arrangement is the craft of utilizing plant materials and Flowers to make an eye-getting and adjusted organization or show. Proof of refined floristry is found as far back as the way of life of old Egypt. Expertly planned flower plans, courses of action or fine art consolidate the components of botanical plan: line, structure, space, surface, and shading, and the standards of botanical plan: balance, extent, beat, differentiation, agreement, and solidarity.

Story of A treasure goes missing

Release your stress by watching movies online 

Movies have a fantastic range of things to live with, from precious memories to a good laugh. Recall the first time you shared your feelings with your partner or when you and your family or friends laughed out loud at a funny scene in a movie. You’d almost certainly come across a slew of movie-related memories. That is why we say that going to the cinema is a perfect way to connect. You can watch athade Srimannarayana movie online on the Aha platform with the advancement of technology.

Movies are a source of stress reliever. There are various ways to watch movies these days that do not require you to visit a movie theatre. Now you can sit back and relax while enjoying your movie in the privacy of your own home or yard! Watching movies can be a fantastic way to de-stress from our daily lives. Stress is caused by a constant accumulation of tension within a body, according to medical research. You can watch all the latest movies and series on the Aha platform.

Have you watched the story of a treasure goes missing?

The story revolves around a fortune that goes missing. When a feudal lord dies, his stepsons fight for his throne and fulfill his last wish. After fifteen years, a peculiar policeman finds himself in the middle of the unfolding chaos. Can the treasure be recovered, and who will be king?

The film references some great Western filmmakers, especially Quentin Tarantino, a master of the genre. The eccentric story brings imagination to life on television, a genre seldom explored by filmmakers in the United States. Narayana is an adventurer with the swagger of Wild West warriors, the invincibility of Indiana Jones, the invincibility of Chuck Norris, the flair of Jack Sparrow, and the invincibility of Chuck Norris. The story of a treasure that goes missing is fascinating, and you must watch.

Final thoughts

Aha is an Indian over-the-top streaming service that provides Telugu-language content and is owned by Arha Media & Broadcasting Private Limited, a joint venture between Geetha Arts and My Home Group. As you share the experience of watching a movie together, memories are created. You get to sit back and relax while watching a good movie with good company. Aha is an ad-free service that does not have advertising in any of its content. Many films inspire and teach people about right and wrong, encouraging them to engage in social evolution and strive to better society.

Allu Aravind admitted that he was enamored with the modern world and had developed a binge-watching habit. Soon after, he had the idea to start a streaming platform dedicated solely to Telugu content. Ajit Thakur leads the platform, and you can get all the latest and original Telugu content on the aha ott platform. You can get a premium subscription at reasonable prices.

What are the benefits of the online purchase of swing sets?

Nowadays in almost all homes swing sets are available in the garden area or corridor, mainly to relax or to provide a gorgeous look to the house. People love to sit in this and relax themselves during stress. The benefits of the swing sets are not only limited to adults, it is the main entertaining outdoor play for kids. They love to swing in this and enjoy. Swing sets also promote balancing and harmonization skills in kids, which is the most important thing for growing kids. This kind of game activates all the sensory parts of the kids, which helps them to increase their focus. It also helps them to sleep well. You can buy these swing sets in furniture shops, baby shops, and also through online eCommerce portals. There are a lot of benefits in the swing sets online purchase and are:

  • Shopping online provides a wide range of selection options like the variety of models, different brands, can shop at an affordable price, discount rates.
  • For kids, it provides a wide range of collections in different brands at a place.
  • There are customer reviews and ratings about different swing sets, which help in comparing the products.
  • Updates of the stock availability of swing sets help to choose among the listed products.
  • The key thing is, it is time-saving and cost-effective when compared to offline purchases. Offline purchases require people to visit the shop and buy. Here there are no travel costs and other expenditures.

swing sets online

  • Larger swing sets require no separate freight charges because of the home delivery option.
  • Sometimes there is the option of free delivery, which further provides extra savings to the customers.
  • There are return policies that provide the customers free from worries.
  • There is a comparison option during the online purchase of swing sets, which helps to choose the better option.
  • For kids, it provides many varieties based on their age group. For example, infants in the age group 6-12 months require comfort seats and a handle to hold them safe. Analysis of all these features made online by comparing different products.
  • Images of swing sets help to look for the products well comfortably.
  • Mentioning every feature of the product like seating material type, size of the product and width wise, hanging rope safety, eco-friendly and material safety provides the customer a detailed review of the product in a hassle-free manner.
  • Products are mostly available from the manufacturer, so the rate of the product is cheaper.
  • Customer service time is higher and also comfortable.
  • There is no pressurized shopping of swing sets and there is no influence of buyers to buy the products. Customers can relax and use their free time to fill their carts and the shops are available on 365*24*7 routine.

Above all, help the customers to select the swing sets for their kids sensibly.

The Best Movies On Women Base

Many people love viewing films either at house or at theatres. The crowd-pulling films are plenty in numbers in the Telugu cinema industry. Those films have got good reviews, ratings, and support of the audience in an exemplary way. The viewers who like to watch Telugu movies online are abundant in numbers. Online watching people are increased recently due to the situation in the country. Online movies are topnotch and are doing better among the public in all aspects. The various online platforms in the country are screening attractive and famous Telugu films. The online platforms such as aha video are fulfilling the needs of movie lovers to a greater extent.

The best and quality online platforms are screening Telugu movies a lot, and hence Telugu audience is enjoying their time. The olden films that were super hit are also screened by online platforms. The reason is that the old age audience is more in number nowadays and they like old films online. Considering their interest and demand, online platforms are better and stand to the expectations of the old people. The aha videos are also considering the children who like cartoon movies like Chhotabheem. Hence, the children can enjoy viewing those films with the help of the aha platforms.

Another successful technique of online movies is that many woman-oriented films are screened. This is because a woman’s audience is more in enjoying the movies that are women based. Many hit films that are majorly focussed on woman audience are screened by the online otts. The otts are playing a major role in pulling the audience to the online media for a long time. If the viewer loves to watch Telugu movies online, then he can select his favorite online ott platform to cope with the needs.

36 vayasulo is a famous Telugu film based on women’s centralized. This film has got many reviews and good ratings on the internet. This film is a great motivation for women folk who would like to come up in their life. This film is a really sensational movie for many ladies in the middle-aged section. The story of this film is based on a lady who is married in the middle-aged category. Her husband is working abroad, and she also likes to go abroad. However, she is not selected due to some reasons, and hence she feels disappointed. You can stream 36 vayasulo movies online in aha platform.

She does not give up her motivation level, and hence she tries to do something to shine in society. Hence, she involves in doing her own business to prove the world who is she. She does well in her business and hence become a powerful woman among other people. She is greeted by everyone surrounding her, and she feels proud of the moment. The rest of the story is how she manages her husband. You should not miss the climax scene because it is unique, and it is sensational to the watching public. The woman tells some motivation words to the audience, which you should not miss and try to watch online.