Top finest straight Malt Whiskey you should try

There are different types of whiskey, depending on quality and taste. However, some whiskeys are better than others. Examples of whiskeys include Johnnie Walker Red and Chivas Regal.

 Most people prefer taking single malt scotch whisky to grab a tasty whiskey mixed with other drinks. For people who find it challenging to take straight Jack Daniels whiskey’s shot, some recipes guide them to make a delicious drink. These include:

Rob Roy

It has been a popular drink for the past many years, and people still order it up to date. Those who drink Scotch and Manhattan whiskey have no problem drinking Ron Roy since these drinks have almost the same tastes. Pour ¼ amount of sweet vermouth, bitters, and one and ½ amount of scotch into a glass. Stir and strain inside a martini glass containing ice-cold cubes. Decorate by a maraschino cherry


It is a typical cocktail mostly known for exploiting vermouth as its modifier, among other cocktails. It is, therefore, among the oldest cocktails. There are several recipes; however, the traditional one is ½ amount of tasty vermouth, two small amounts of rye whiskey, and 2 or 3.

Place the components in a cocktail shaker containing ice cubes and stir to mix. Strain the mixture into an ice-cold martini glass and use a maraschino with no cherry to decorate.

You can prepare a dry Manhattan by adding a small amount of dry vermouth into the mixture and decorating it with a lemon twist.

Whiskey sour

It is classic and the simplest drink to prepare. Put two fractions of fresh lemon juice, three fractions of whiskey, and a fraction of Gomme syrup and shake them in a cocktail shaker containing ice cubes. Strain the mixture into a glass full of ice and decorate with a slice of an orange or a maraschino cherry.

John Collins

 It is associated with Tom Collins only that it chooses bourbon. Pour a small amount of lemon juice, one and ½ amount of bourbon, and ½ amount of syrup sugar inside a Collins glass containing ice. Also, a sour mix can be used instead of syrup and lemon juice. Mix thoroughly and summit using a club soda. Decorate it using an orange slice, cherry.

Rusty nail

 Most people find it not attractive; however, it is the easiest to make and is among the greatest scotch drinks. Dissimilar single malt scotch brands can be used in the preparation. Pour ¾ amount of Drambuie inside a glass containing ice, one and ½ amount of your preferable scotch. Mix thoroughly and garnish using a lemon twist. A high amount of Drambuie increases the drink’s sweetness.

Mint Julep

It is Kentucky Derby’s customary drink and also a modern drink. Put a half amount of simple syrup and 4 or 5 mint springs in a traditional glass and mix the components. Also, add two and a half amount of bourbon and fill with trodden ice cubes. Just like single malt scotch whisky, Mint Julep comes with remarkable taste.