Custom Badges: Style With A Purpose

A badge has several purposes. It often contains an insignia denoting an organization, accomplishment, or idea. People use a badge to show their status or their stand. For some, wearing a badge is a symbolic gesture. Students consider wearing a badge meaningful. It acts as a recognition for those with special achievements or accomplishments. Digital badges are now popular. Businesses use badges as a promotional tool because of their effectiveness.


A lot of people believe that anything customized is very expensive. They tend to ignore customized badges because of that. What they do not know is that customized badges are actually affordable. They are cost-effective even when prices vary due to the size.

One for everyone

Badges are perfect for any age or gender. They are available in varying shapes, colors, sizes, and designs. There are plenty of shops that make badges according to the preferences of the client. Putting a company logo on the badge increases the visibility of the business. Badges can also serve as collectible pieces. There are so many options to choose from you will never run out of choices.


Unique personalized badges can grab attention. People become curious when they see a customized badge. They will ask and will learn about the company the badge represents. Most businesses also use this to serve as a token of appreciation. Handing out customized badges with personalized messages is very great.


Business cards and flyers often go to waste. People accept them, read them, and scatter them. A simple, attractive, and precise badge is very recognizable even from afar. Some companies take this opportunity to use these badges to leave an impression. People tend to associate color mixing with individual companies. A lot are now using branding aesthetics. It is a great and fun way to create a loyal clientele base.

Using awesome customized badges as a promotional tool is very ideal. They can be very stylish, depending on the design, and they never go out of style. Some people even use them as a fashion statement. For these people, customized badges promote originality. They also portray a personal touch that melts the hearts of people. People reminisce about the related company when they see the badges.

Types of badges

There are many types of badges. Customization allows them to suit any quality and price requirements. Some of the most common types are:

  • acetate button badges;
  • cold or soft enamel badges;
  • etched badges;
  • imitation hard enamel badges;
  • modeled relief badges;
  • iron badges;
  • screen-printed or process-printed badges;
  • tags, and
  • vitreous enamel badges or cloisonné enamel.

Badges are not only an effective promotional tool. They are also great for acknowledging affiliations and communicating membership. Some even use them for charity fundraising and product launches.