Know More About CBG for Dogs

CBG has been found to have a wide range of health benefits for dogs. CBG is the main cannabinoid found in hemp, and hemp is a variety of cannabis. For example, CBG has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation in diabetic animals without any psychoactive effects. Another study found that CBG for Dogs slowed mouse growth of colon cancer cells. In addition, it may be an effective treatment for skin conditions like eczema or itchiness due to allergies or parasitic infections.

But what does this all mean? Simply put, these findings are revolutionary! We’ve long known that CBD offers incredible medical benefits for humans; now, there’s evidence that this cannabinoid can provide similar relief for our canine friends.

You may wonder how a cannabinoid could help your furry friend with anxiety, arthritis, or allergies. And truthfully, that’s a great question. But it’s important to note that CBD is not just for humans. It works for pets and humans in different ways, so learn about the differences between CBD products for dogs and CBD derived from hemp.

immune support for dogs

CBD isolate is the most bioavailable form of CBD because it directly absorbs into your dog’s bloodstream without going through the digestive system. CBD isolate it much easier to find the correct dosage to suit your pup’s weight.

But CBD isolate comes with its own set of challenges. First is the fact that it requires a high dose, 50mg/10lb, twice daily. This dosing is usually not an issue for most dog owners – but if you have a dog that gets anxious around taking pills, this might be an issue for you. The second issue with CBD isolate is that it’s expensive; about 3-4x more costly per mg than full spectrum CBD oils. Lastly, because CBD isolate does not contain other “full spectrum” ingredients, many dog owners don’t feel comfortable using it and opt for a different option.

Full-spectrum CBD oil, on the other hand, is more reasonably priced. These CBD products do not require the same dosing level as isolate (50mg/10lb) and require less CBD per dose. Additionally, full spectrum oils contain other cannabinoids and terpenes that interact with the endocannabinoid system differently than CBD. For example, studies have shown that terpenes enhance CBG’s anti-inflammatory effects for a more substantial, more potent effect than when using isolate alone. Lastly, these full spectrum oils are made using hemp grown organically in the USA and are 3rd party tested to ensure quality and safety.