Methods Of Professional Carpet Cleaning In Greenville, SC Offered In The Market

There are several different methods to get your much cherished and expensive rugs and carpets cleaned. Some are expensive and some pocket friendly. Some are good for your delicate ones and others for the heavy material types. You should always know what the market offers before making a choice.

  • Hot water treatment method: In this, the hot water is sprayed with the detergent which extracts all the dirt from the carpet.
  • Dry Cleaning– It is a common commercial carpet cleaning method. Pre-treatment and manual washing are done to remove the hard stains.
  1. Dry Compound Method– In this,a mildly moist cleaning agent is used to brush and clean the carpet.
  2. Encapsulation– This is a method to crystalize the soil particles first and get them washed away.
  3. Bonnet– It has a bonnet brush that spins across the mat over the cleaning agent to remove the stains.
  4. Dry Foaming– Oil stains and grease is removed by this method. The dry foam method of professional carpet cleaning in Greenville, SCis applied to fine fabrics.
  5. Vacuum– It promises deep cleaning and the shortest drying time. It is veryfamous these days and leaves no detergent on the carpet.

Types of Equipment and Benefits

  • Hot watercleaning equipment– It is a portable unit that is quite faster and more effective. They take comparatively less drying time. Thorough cleaning avoids mold growth and wool browning.
  • Drycleaning VLM machines– Very Low Moisture machines are much in trend as they remove the toughest stains from soiled rugs and carpets.
  • Buffer and a Therma Machine– Specialheating equipment is attached to the buffer to heat it and to work as an anti-microbial.
  • Dry Foam Machine – It helps in cleaning sensitive carpets that are water sensitive.
  • Vacuum Washing Machine– It just extracts allthe dirt mixed in water without using any detergent. Suitable for all surfaces and materials. It doesn’t use any brush that may harm your delicate carpets.

So, choose the bestcommercial carpet cleaning service wisely. Always demand the know-howon the method used for cleaning your precious pieces of the display. Just go for the best one and make your commercial site beautiful and praiseworthy.