Secure The Safety Of Your Workers: Keep Them Consistently Monitored

Mishaps may happen at any time of the day. No one can predict when do accidents happen and how you can stop them. Therefore, it is important to be consistently ready at all times. One of the main concerns of the business sectors today is the security of their employees. Yes, it is the company’s responsibility to secure the safety of their employers, especially during working hours. Thus, it could be a big task to monitor them all the time, whether they are working properly while keeping them safe.

My Safety Buddy lessens your burdens and worries for the safety of your workers. It is a reliable app to monitor workers remotely. The safety monitoring app keeps you updated with your workers during their working hours.

How does the app work?

Fortunately, a safety monitor app became usable today. Many businesses are using this app to remotely monitor workers while at work. It is an instant app wherein workers can signal or alert their boss during mishaps or emergencies. Let’s say you are working in a construction company and workers are prone to mishaps with their nature of work. It usually occurred on construction works, wherein workers are prone to accidents like being slipped, safe from falling debris, or for whatever reasons it may be. Simply activate the app to turn on the timely help response. The users can use the app for the following purposes:

My Safety Buddy

  • Send automatic alerts (missed daily time record)
  • Shaking phones to send alarms
  • To respond to emergency situations

These are just a few of the purposes of the app. The rest are very understandable and you can use your initiative for a particular signal that you want to send or deliver to your co-workers or boss. Living in this new era feels like almost everything is easy. Anyone can work at home while monitoring everything in the workplace. Sounds simple, easy, and instant, right?

The shake for alarm setting

Workers can set the app by sending alerts and signals by shaking their phones. Using the app, you can send audio or video recordings of the current situation to the emergency contact. False alarms may happen unintentionally, which you can adjust the setting of the app. Sending alarms can be canceled. Therefore, sending false alarms can be deactivated or canceled to avoid work delays and worries.

The auto-detection movement

The app can also detect a worker with lack and no movement. Meaning, it happens when the worker suffers from a severe mishap that is unable him/her to move. Thus, the app will automatically detect and send signals to the emergency contact. The app will ask the person’s condition and when no response is received within 5 minutes, it automatically sends an alert to the emergency contact.

Easy monitoring of workers is possible now with the sophisticated remote app.