Story of A treasure goes missing

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Have you watched the story of a treasure goes missing?

The story revolves around a fortune that goes missing. When a feudal lord dies, his stepsons fight for his throne and fulfill his last wish. After fifteen years, a peculiar policeman finds himself in the middle of the unfolding chaos. Can the treasure be recovered, and who will be king?

The film references some great Western filmmakers, especially Quentin Tarantino, a master of the genre. The eccentric story brings imagination to life on television, a genre seldom explored by filmmakers in the United States. Narayana is an adventurer with the swagger of Wild West warriors, the invincibility of Indiana Jones, the invincibility of Chuck Norris, the flair of Jack Sparrow, and the invincibility of Chuck Norris. The story of a treasure that goes missing is fascinating, and you must watch.

Final thoughts

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