Understand the job of the Close protection officer

A close protection officer is a type of security officer they are also commonly known as an executive security officer or a bodyguard. Celebrities, politicians, and executives of several companies are protected by these professionals.

The role of a close protection officer is very different and tough from that of a regular security guard. These individuals undergo specific training for their role that makes them particularly qualified for the job. The majority of these guards have Special Forces training and come from policing or military backgrounds.

The main duties of a close protection officer include protecting their clients against physical violence. Officers accompany clients on business trips, social outings, and even on daily runs outside. To ensure the safety of the protected individual, the guard will remain close to them at almost all times.

Additionally, the officer will be charged with checking for threats at venues and locations before the client arrives and he or she will be responsible for that as well. To better protect their clients, the guard conducts a risk assessment of physical locations because they are well-trained to recognize potential threats.

They can act as a residential security guard to ensure their clients’ safety in their homes so that clients don’t face any threats there as well. They may also serve as chauffeurs for their clients and check their vehicles if they are left unattended. Additionally, the officer will be trained in defensive and evasive driving techniques.

As part of the job, it is also important to travel with the individual in question. It is usual for important executives to travel abroad for business or for politicians to go abroad on official business. Due to the high risk in some areas, close protection officer or even several executive security officers may be necessary for these environments.

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Another important role of the close protection officer is to set up the surveillance cameras in the possible threat areas and monitor them all time. This improves the level of security for clients when hiring a close protection officer.

Close protection officers will be required to carry out different tasks depending on the individual client they are protecting. Surveying the area for very specific threats, traveling more or less frequently, interacting with the public more or less, and even taking on strenuous physical work, depending on the client’s level of activity, can be part of these efforts.

Close protection officers may also need to work in hostile environments, such as foreign countries where political unrest might threaten the lives of their clients. This makes the job a highly specialized one, requiring several hard and soft skills.

This type of professional should possess a high level of physical fitness. Their ability to adapt to and integrate with the lifestyles of their clients. Good teamwork and liaising with other industry professionals when needed. Outstanding use of the senses such as vision and hearing, in a decisive manner. Confidently reacting to threats.

Close protection officers and executive security officers with excellent observation skills will be able to detect potential threats to their clients. The role is challenging, but it does protect the lives of many individuals who are exposed to the public, and the specific tasks undertaken will vary based on each client’s unique needs. If you want to hire the best close protection officer then use this link for referral https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ2-2h0jMuLC4f8oZ7ackgQ.