What it Takes to Handle the Hazardous Waste

Business owners are continually looking for new lines of business that can be cut back to save money.  Due to the sharp rise in oil prices worldwide, the administration has begun to take a closer look at the costs associated with the purchase of solvents and their subsequent disposal after use.

It is becoming clear that there is great potential for savings in handling these “waste” streams

Acquiring a proper solvent recovery system is much less difficult than it has been in the past. Companies have fully automated solutions that do not require personnel to operate. Additionally, some machines range from small entry-level batches, ranging in size from 2 gallons to units that can recover hundreds to thousands of gallons per day and are still easy to operate. These solutions provide companies with cost-effective solutions to reduce their hazardous waste disposal problems with equipment that, in many cases, recovers in less than a year. Furthermore, this equipment may be eligible for government tax incentives for the acquisition of environmental goods.

Virtually every industry imaginable is a candidate for solvent recovery equipment. The obvious industries are those that use solvents, for example, to clean paint or clean parts. Almost all industries use chemicals for cleaning or in the manufacturing process. The key to the advantage of internal solvent recovery is that the distillation is still the correct size for the amount of chemical waste produced. Generally, once correctly evaluated, the ROI of equipment acquisition is easy to determine. By calculating the cost of disposal and the cost of replacement, the user can easily see what is being spent on the utility company. This is important when you realize that you are buying this product repeatedly and paying for its removal at the same time! Also, the disposal costs of the utility never decrease; they increase over time. Since most chemicals are oil-based products, they are always more expensive. In-house solvent recovery is a smart alternative for any executive looking for new ways to improve business performance and save money at the same time.

In today’s challenging business environment, where every dollar saved is vital, internal solvent recovery is a potential source of real dollar savings. Management only needs a few minutes to determine the feasibility of its solvent recovery waste reduction program. An added benefit is the “good neighbor” label that an organization acquires by becoming a “green” business through its solvent recovery. Currently, there are several viable suppliers of solvent distillation and recovery equipment on the market.

At the end

An exciting business needs to go online and search for any of the “keywords” such as solvent recycling, solvent distillation, solvent recovery, etc., to compile an appropriate list to consider. These suppliers will be more than happy to discuss in-house recycling and its benefits as an alternative to a service company’s costs.