About Highly Recommended Feng Shui Masters, Singapore’s Feng Shui Master

ADELINA PANG is one of Singapore’s most highly recommended feng shui master, having been active and well-known in the field since 1995.. As one of Singapore’s brightest and most gifted specialists in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, her skillful application of real Feng Shui has been beneficial to countless organisations and businesses. Her clients include important businesses and professionals and celebrities and even the monarchy in Singapore and abroad, as a Feng Shui Master for Business.


The struggles faced

As a mother in Singapore looking for alternate and more nutritious ways to improve her daughter’s health, the Feng Shui Master discovered her interest in Chinese Metaphysics.She studied under numerous prominent Feng Shui experts in Singapore and around Asia, determined to learn more about the “energy harnessing” ways of Feng Shui. In whatever she does, she ensures correctness and perfection.


Beginner in the industry

Adelina has gone a long way since when she first started working in the industry. She believes that the art and science of Feng Shui should be shared and promoted, which goes against geomancer conventions.She takes satisfaction in spreading positive energy and demonstrating a new way of living in her neighborhood. She aspires to help others by empowering them to embrace energy and qi in their daily lives. Adelina gives her comprehensive Feng Shui knowledge to editorials and interviews for TV channels, magazines, newspapers, private organizations, and commercial social media based on invitations.


Adelina continues to serve clients of all types as a competent and highly respected Feng Shui Master, and she speaks worldwide on the subject of real Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology.