Way to dispose the waste from your house

Waste disposal is very important for everyone for a healthy life. Everyone in our place have household waste every day. The house hold waste should be disposed in a bin. The waste in the bin is taken by the waste collectors regularly. Most of us have the habit of disposing the waste whenever the waste collectors come. But some of us would forget or may be busy at the they come. In such cases you can set a remainder as you know the regular timings for their arrival. In some places, the waste that can be recycled and general waste are placed in the separate bins. The recycled bins are collected and sent to the place of recycling the waste. The general waste is mostly dumbed in a landfill. The waste which don’t harm the nature is dumped in the landfill. The waste is collected by the bin collectors on particular days in your location. Each location have their own schedule for waste disposal. In case if you miss to dispose the waste, the bin collection app in Melbourne will help you to dispose the waste.

How the waste is partitioned into recycling and general waste?

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  • The recycling bin should be lidded with the yellow colour. Or even you can choose any other bin available with you. But the yellow colour bin indicates the recycling waste and can be easily picked by the bin collectors even in your absence.
  • The waste that comes under the recycling are juice and milk cartons, jars and glass bottles, steel cans, aerosol cans, aluminium cans or foils and trays, cardboard or paper boxes, rigid or hard plastic containers or bottles. Always make sure to close the bin with lid to prevent the waste to litter.
  • The things that can’t be recycled in the waste are waxed cardboard, e waste and batteries, syringes, garden or food waste, window glass, mirrors, glassware, crockery, Pyrex, clothing and textiles, nappies, soft plastics like cling wrap or plastic bags, bagged garbage, polystyrene, foam.
  • The general waste is commonly dumped in a landfill area. Most of the general waste gets decomposed in the earth. So, they don’t harm and doesn’t cause pollution to the earth.
  • The waste that can be included in the general waste is nappies, window glass, crockery, food scraps, household waste, garden waste, dried plants or leaves.
  • The things that doesn’t go into the general waste are car parts, syringes, e waste, chemicals, paints, solvents, oils, building materials like timber, concrete or bricks, ashes or liquid, polystyrene, etc
  • The bins are placed at the location given by the bin collectors. This make them easy pickup of the bins.


Hope you got an idea on the bin collection