Choose ImageCare for your next calcium score screening

The human body is a complex system of various organs that requires many vitamins and minerals to function properly but these have to be maintained in a proper proportion otherwise this may lead to numerous health issues. Our body shares a simple mantra, it is capable of tolerating nothing too less nor too much. But, sometimes due to some congenital issues or some improper lifestyle choices, this balance of vitamins and minerals in the body might get affected leading to many defects in the internal organization and function of vital organs.

These defects usually remain undetected for a long time and it is only after an internal body scan can these be diagnosed. Thanks to modern technology we are able to do so which has enhanced the health of individuals to a large extent.

Why is a calcium score screening needed at all? 

Calcium score screening is a non-invasive procedure properly done in a comfortable environment using CT scans and X-rays. There are many issues due to which your doctor might recommend you to get your calcium score screening. These issues are mostly related to the health of your heart. As the heart is one of the most essential elements of our body structure without which we can no longer survive, it is a necessity that the health of the heart is good. So, if you have any congenital heart disease or any kind of injury in the four primary valves due to clotting, tumor, or the deposition of excess calcium or plaque then the coronary arteries may get fractured leading to heart attack or heart stroke. It may cost you your life.

That is why it is advised that you get a calcium score screening done so that you can know whether or not the calcium levels in your body are exceeding the maximum upper limit of 300.

Things to be kept in mind before a calcium score screening

Although the expert radiologists at ImageCare would guide you throughout the procedure of calcium score screening, you must always be completely transparent with your medical history to have them assure that the screening would not interfere adversely with your body. So, if you are looking for some quality calcium score screening in Wayne, NJ then you must definitely check them out.