How can I save my laptop battery?

When we use our laptops, we all depend on the little battery icon and are always monitoring the remaining time of our device before looking for our charger. Seeing our battery dead is always frustrating. But unfortunately, this is something inevitable. Over use, the battery life of a laptop deteriorates and runs out. However, certain measures can be taken to slow down this process and delay its replacement.Visit this site to read articles on Tech.

Check how you charge your laptop

Most of the time, laptops are designed to withstand a certain number of charge cycles (i.e. when your full battery drains to zero percent). This number generally exceeds 500, but each time this happens, your battery loses battery life, which means that it discharges much faster than before. One way to prevent this is to remove the battery from your laptop when you are sitting on a desk. Instead of using the battery, plug in your power cable to turn on your laptop and only charge your battery when you travel. This will save you the number of charge cycles on your laptop.Click here to read articles on Tech.

If you try this, however, be sure to keep the power cable plugged in because if it is disconnected, your laptop will shut down immediately and you could lose your work.

Check your battery options

Your laptop certainly includes settings that allow you to change the battery options so that you can slow down the rate at which it runs out. The easiest way is probably to click on the small battery icon or to enter   battery in your Start menu. You can then select the Battery saver mode or the Eco mode. Normally when you click on this mode, you can adjust the brightness of your screen (the lower it is, the better) and control which programs and applications can be active in the background on your browser.

Laptop Battery

Background apps and programs

Another very useful tip for preserving your battery life: check which programs and applications are running in the background. You may not be aware of it, but when these are opened on your browser without you using them, they consume battery. By closing them, you can significantly reduce your battery consumption.

If you use Windows, you can open your Task Manager or the Status bar system to close all unwanted programs. For Mac users, you will need to click on the battery icon in the taskbar and open the Activity Monitor, then select the Energy option.

Other tips to keep in mind …

You can also conserve your battery by turning off the connectivity features on your laptop. Both WiFi and Bluetooth consume a lot of battery to operate and will exhaust it very quickly. So, it’s always best to turn them off when you don’t need them.

Also watch for any overheating of your device. When your laptop gets too hot, your battery can be damaged. If you notice that your device is regularly overheated, do not hesitate to remove your battery (once your laptop is off) to let it cool. Then clean it quickly. If your battery is sealed and cannot be removed, turn off your laptop and allow it to cool.