Traceability & counterfeit protection – uncompromising security for customers, sufferers and your trademark

Counterfeiting and altering with high-grade value products pose enormous security risks and can seriously damage a brand’s reputation. Packaging with functions for safety and traceability not only protect your brand but also patients or consumers – it averts economic damage and saves lives. Many technologies prevent counterfeiting and can confirm the originality of theĀ product authentication to the edge stoner, only if the raw materials, the production lines, the workers and dealers involved are fully identifiable along the entire supply chain, can defective products be recalled, accurate customer knowledge ensured and effective corrective measures initiated.

Develop a holistic anti-counterfeit technique with best companies

The best Packaging offers various security functions that are modified to the requirements of drug or other high-grade value products and their supply chains. In addition to the legally prescribed serialization of pharmacy companies who does packing, many offer additional security functions for all distribution phases and, upon request, also collect important statistics information. Security functions and counterfeit-proof packaging are mostly used in higher-priced segments, e.g. for pharmaceuticals and medical products, beauty and cosmetic articles, baby food, coffee or tobacco products.

Consumer safety through traceability

Many solutions offers good and appreciative processes for integrated serialization and coding for complete traceability. Many companies range of functions and solutions. These functions are nothing but basic coding and recoding.Traceability plays a decisive role in the beauty & cosmetics and personal care segments as well as for pharmacies and hospital usedĀ  products or tobacco products.